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We want to thank the medical providers and other essential workers for helping us manage through these unprecedented times by offering their children reading services free of charge. High school and college students are volunteering to read with/to younger children of essential workers over one-on-one Zoom sessions.

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What We Do Reading For Heroes


Our reading sessions are over Zoom. Both the reader and student can view the book through the "screen share" feature, and use the interactive whiteboard.


All readers take security precautions to protect Zoom meetings, which include manually approving verified students into the meeting room.

Both readers and students keep their cameras on at all times to maximize engagement.

Reading Sessions

Reading sessions generally range from 20 minutes to an hour and meet once every other week, once a week, or twice a week. Our scheduling is completely customizable through our student sign-up form.

Our reading services include: Reading to students and reading with students.


All of our reading sessions develop and strengthen reading skills and cultivate and grow a passion for reading.

Peer Learning

Successful college and high school students volunteer to read with/to younger students (in grades K-8.)

All of our readers are truly passionate about helping and educating younger students. All potential readers submit applications, which are evaluated thoroughly for qualification and character. We handpick our readers and only select readers we feel will add immensely to our mission and community.

A Message from The Founder: Kate Greenberg

Attempting to learn online in large classes has been especially difficult. One-on-one Zoom sessions are a great way to help young children hone their reading skills - and have fun!

I have always been very passionate about working and connecting with younger children. Throughout the last school year, I had volunteered to read with the younger children of local neighbors and friends. When I could no longer meet with students in person, I soon continued the reading sessions over Zoom. While stuck at home, reading has helped these children stay busy and entertained.

I have realized how especially difficult it must be for essential workers balancing their work and home responsibilities. Their children are now home all day long with little child care and reduced school time. Our medical providers and essential workers have helped us cope during these difficult times, and it is my pleasure to thank them by reading with their children.

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The Reading For St. Mary's Heroes initiative pairs children (PreK - 8th grade) of frontline and essential workers with high school or college student readers for regular reading sessions held virtually via Zoom. Books selected for the initiative are developmentally appropriate for the child’s age and will touch on topics related to Equity. The initiative spreads awareness of the concept of Equity - the idea that every person has the opportunity to be their best self.


St. Mary's County, MD

Reading For St. Mary's Heroes
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