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How Is Reading Beneficial for a Child's Education?

Why should we encourage kids to read from a young age? Reading is beneficial to a child's education in so many ways:

I’m here to let you in on a little secret: In the past year, I’ve traveled around the world, played in sports tournaments, and made new friends. Yet, I didn’t even need a mask! No, I’m not lying, and no, you don’t have to report me to the CDC. I did it all from the comfort of my own bedroom. Despite the chaotic state of the world, I’ve had the privilege to experience normalcy (and even magic) in 2021 through literature. People often view books as an escape from the world, but since the world has gone into chaos, maybe books are our way back. According to the National Commission on Reading, the sole most influential factor in a child’s educational success is the introduction to books.

The new "hiding veggies in junk foods":

No more fights about learning! Reading provides a fun and interactive way for kids to learn without even knowing it. Don’t make your kids read, let them read! They can choose books about pirates, fairies, witches, or wizards! They can explore dog breeds or learn about their favorite sports player. Kids who are urged to read three times a week are three times more likely to get top scores on standardized tests. Reading is vital to growing and maintaining our brainpower. According to The Huffington Post, repeated brain exercises such as reading have been shown to decrease mental decline by over thirty percent.

Reading skills - beyond the pages:

Reading is a talent that translates to many other important abilities. Children who read are more intelligent, articulate, and even empathetic. In such a technologically reliant world, reading is one of the few ways children are pushed to use their imagination. Such creativity and inventiveness are key to entrepreneurial and innovative behavior as adults. Furthermore, getting read to is also beneficial. Children who listen to others read aloud are more motivated, curious, and skilled in memory.

This being said, we know you are busy. You love your kids, but that doesn’t mean you always have time to read with them. Trust us, we get it! That’s why we are here to do it for you. Sign up for Reading For Heroes to enhance your child’s social skills, educational competency, and imagination!


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